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Sky Dreams Creative is a one-stop resource for unique, beautifully designed and expertly executed fireworks displays. Based in Richmond Texas, we have been building custom displays for over 15 years. With our Love for painting the sky with bright colors, we pride ourselves on crafting exceptional displays that are not easily forgotten.

Our design-savvy, passionate owner and lead pyro designer excels at interpreting your vision and ideas, seamlessly bringing them to life. From permitting, logistics and pyrotechnic device selection, we take care of every detail. Go ahead and enjoy - we’ve got it covered.

We differ from other Fireworks Display companies in the way we view displays. Over the last 20 years wireless computer fired pyro-musicals have been the industry standard where the shows are coordinated to music and fired to the beats of the music. These shows are heavy on comets and mines and beautiful choreography but often are cold and lacking in art and the beauty of a more natural display. Our style is a big beautiful display where our hand selected and imported pyrotechnic devices are the centerpiece. We love adding music as well, but our passion is in a more natural display. 

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